Located only 3-4 miles off the coastline, Elphinstone is one of the world famous dive sites of the Red Sea. She can be done by daily or speedboat, however for your comfort we advise to do her by Liveaboard.

This name was given by international marine shart. The arabic name Shagra means Blondie. If you are moored at the reef on a sunny morning, when you look at the shore, you will see a solitarily bright red mountain which is called Shagra Mountain or The Blondie Mountain. 

Elphinstone Reef is found between Marsa Alam and Port Ghalib only about 4 miles out the coast. The area in front of Marsa Alam is named after this city. And farther out and to the south the famous reef of Daedalus.


Because of her strong nutrient bringing currents and as she sits in very deep water, there is lord os life around. Stunning soft corals, big schools of fish, macro life hiding in the reef and pelagics doing a fly by. An absolute must dive site of the Red Sea.

Access:Year round, in the winter currents and wind pick up
Type of diving:Drift along deep walls and no night dive allowed.
Diver level:Advanced & comfortable with currents & depth.
Depth:0-40 meters
Visability:20-30 meters


With her 300 meters in length this reef with her deep dropping walls is located quite close to the mainland. She has an extended plateau on the north where at times hammerheads are spotted, a plateau on the south where you can find turtles and eels and of course the walls where trivially hunt and the Longimanus can appear just off the reef and usually around the boats.

Elphinstone is known to have strong and unpredictable currents and some choppy waters at the top can make a dive quite challenging. Best comfort is offered by Liveaboard and gives a chance to dive this site early in the morning or later the afternoon as the daily boats are not there.

Just off the coast but still an offshore reef Elphinstone is known for het beautiful corals, from stone fish to turtle and a good chance for some shark action.


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