Have you ever seen dolphins in the wild? Even better, have you ever been snorkeling with them while you thought you were having a dream? Dolphins lovers, let me introduce to you Sataya reef in Egypt, the best place in the world to snorkel with dolphins!

What a lucky day and what a great selfie with dolphins of one of our guests.
What a lucky day and what a great selfie with dolphins of one of our guests.

Meet the spinner dolphin

The dolphins found around this famous Sataya reef are spinner dolphins, thanking their name to the spinning jump that they like to make, its their signature move…


These spinners can be found around the world. however they are known to run away from divers and snorkelers instead of enjoying with them. Bit the dolphins of Sataya reef hang around with us as we swim or snorkel.

Sataya reef, the dolphin house of the south. Apox. 3 miles long and home to two large lagoons, where the dolphins like to relax and play almost every day!

Dolphin house

Sataya is a 3 mile long reef, shaped like a horse shoe with a sandy lagoon on the inside. And this lagoon is a dolphin house. Of course that does not guarantee the dolphins are always there, as it is not a zoo. However almost every day schools of spinner dolphins come to this lagoon to play. An excellent chance for you and your family and friends to enjoy swimming and snorkelling with there lovely animals.

  • Concerning: Liveaboard trip with the single goal to swim and snorkel with the spinner dolphins in the dolphin house of the south
  • Duration: 2-6 days
  • Departure/arrival Port: Port Ghalib
  • Required experience: Be comfortable in the water to float and to swim.
  • Suitable: all ages, great fun for families with young children.


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