Departing from Hurghada we visit the strait of Tiran and the Northers reefs and some wrecks.


Departure / arrival port
Port Ghalib
Tiran with Jackson, Woodhouse and Wilson. Ras Mohamed, Thisltegorm, Gubal with the Barge.
Price range (euro)

900 -1.200

3 meals a day plus snacks, coffee (Nescafe) tea and water, cabins shared, 12 L tank, weights and air airfilling. Including fuel, marine park and parking fees. Transfer from/to your hotel or airport within a limited range and based upon all to be organized transfers. 

Additional costs
Soft drinks, alcohol, rental dive equipment if needed, use of Nitrox.
Please note: These are general rules and guidelines. The individual booking of a Liveaboard may have slightly different pricing technique. The final price can only be given as we know your exact travel desires and will be based upon availability. 


ArrivalYou are welcomed on board as of 17:00 on arrival day. A brief introduction of the boat will be given and all the paperwork need to be taken care off.. You will be asked to set suit your set and check all your equipment. And dinner is served on board.
Day 1After breakfast you will receive a full boat briefing and a dive procedures briefing. After that time for the first dive. Today 2-3 dives will be organized depending on the itinerary and needed travel times.
Day 2-5Every day 3 or 4 dives will be organized. NOTE that night diving in Marine Parks are not allowed in with case there will be 3 organized dives a day. On day 5 it is custom to organize a party dinner.
Day 6In the morning 2-3 dives will be organized, also the billing, paperwork and tipping will be taken care of before going back to the Marina. The dive guides will explain anything you need to know about your return and all the things that need to be taken care of. Once in port resupply of the boat and refueling will take place to prepare for the next trip.
Departure dayAfter breakfast around 9 am all guests are expected to check out of their cabin. Everybody is transferred out of the boat at the latest by 10 am.


  • Guests that are younger than 18 years old should be accompanied by an adult and where supervision is needed this will be the responsibility of the adult.
  • Required experience: Advanced Open water diver with minimum 30 logged dives. Advice is to have a deep speciality. Note that the Advanced course as well as the deep or drifting diving can be done onboard. Please inform us at your booking to make the proper arrangements.
  • Diving: 1-2 dives on the first and last day, a total of 6 days of diving and if the conditions permit we will make 4 dives a day, including a night dive. NOTE that in Marine Parks night diving is not permitted hence a maximum of 3 dives will be organized as these Marine Parks are visited.
  • Included in the diving: Air, tank and weights. Nitrox and other equipment is available at request and for a surcharge.
  • Sailing: Most sailing is done during the day. However you should expect at least 2 overnight sails.

Please note: The itinerary is a guideline for the trip you have booked. Depending on weather and sea conditions the execution may vary.  


As a tour operator specialized in snorkeling and diving trips all around the Red Sea we like to make you a tailored offer for an affordable price. Fill out the following and we will get back to you as soon as possible.