Liveaboards in general have very similar rules, procedures and regulations. In the following some general guidelines. If you are new to Liveabords and specifically the ones who organize diving trips, you can read: YOUR FIRST DIVE-LIVEABOARD

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Upon embarkation all of our guests will be invited for a welcome in the salon, where you will receive information about the trip, the boat and your holiday on board. Additionally there will be some paperwork for all to read and sign, plus we will ask you for your passport and in case of diving activities you diving certification and if needed a medical.


All guests are strongly advised to have a current travel insurance and in case of diving activities a MANDATORY valid diving insurance. Unfortunately we cannot provide any insurance on board, so please check you coverage prior to the trip and bring any paperwork showing that you hold a valid insurance.


The water on board is produces by desalination or taken from the Marina. The water in our tanks is filtered multiple times. However since this water is in a holding tank and we care about your well being we provide mineral water on board and we advise to ue this water for any consumption.


On board we offer coffee (Nescafe), variety of tea, mineral water, sodas, beers and wine. The alcoholic beverages are at charge, the non-alcoholic free of charge. If you have any special requests, please inform us a week prior to your embarkation.


All meals are served in our dining area under hygienic procedures to assure that we offer fresh and clean meals with a high standard. Please note that we serve chicken, beef and fish dishes. Vegetarian and vegan meals can be provided at request, please inform of us any diet-requests prior to your trip so that we can assure that we have he right ingredients on board.


Even though we provide free WiFi at times we will enter areas of the Red Sea where there is no coverage for cell phones or internet. These concern most of the south and the deep south of Egypt’s Red Sea. In case of emergency or at request satellite phone is available for use at a surcharge.


All cabins and indoor common areas are provided with air-conditioning, each with a private console to regulate temperature and fan speed.


One of the following is usually found onboard to keep your valuables safe: safe drawers in the cabin, a safe per cabin or options to give your things for safe keeping to the Captain.


As soon as you arrive on board we will ask you to take of your shoes, to keep our decks and salons clean and the relaxing effect of walking bare foot. If you have any medical reason to wear shoes, than please inform our dive guides on embarkation.


Under no circumstance should you throw anything into the toilet that did not come directly from your body. Anything like female products and toilet-paper should be disposed off using the bins only. This to prevent any waste entering our sea.


At sea we depend on each other and safety is extremely important. Each boat has 2 life-rafts to safely abandon ship. There are lifejackets in all cabins. Fire-alarms, fire-extinguishers, First Aid kits, Emergency Oxygen, Satalife phones etcetera, etcetera. On most boats during the opening briefing the guides will explain procedures and do’s and donts.


At the end of your trip we will offer the billing of any sales or services that you have taken on board. If these were not prepaid, that you will be invited to make the payment on board. All payments will be taken care off before we come back to port. So please assure that you have the means with you before departure of the boat at the beginning of the trip. The following payments will be possible: Cash in USD, Euro and Egyptian pounds OR By credit-card at a surcharge.


Of course you are free to tip as you please, here are a few considerations. The tipping will be organized on the last day of traveling. and will be divided equally among members. Tipping can be done cash in USDEuroEgyptian pounds and GBP. Please note that we cannot exchange any coins or ‘old’ type notes. As a guideline we advise you to tip 10% of your booking-price per person.


As yachts are organizing a diving safari (Liveaboard) usually the following applies:


Regular diving trips have 6 days of diving:

  • 2 dives on day 1 and day 6
  • For day 2-5: 3 dives a day in marine parks like Brother Islands or Daedalus, other locations 3-4 dives a day depending on travel time and circumstances.
  • Night-dives are organised if we are not parked in a marine park or when we do not have to travel during the evening or night.


The regular dive time for day dive is 60 minutes and 45 for a night dive. These maximum times are needed for us to serve meals hot and not overcooked and to assure that we can realise the plan of the day including all schedules dives. If you have the desire to dive longer at a briefed dive site, please ask the guides during the briefing if its possible.


The maximum diving depth is 40, under the condition that you are certified (Advanced Open Water Diver plus deep speciality) to dive 40 meters and hold a valid diving insurance that covers until a depth of 40 meters.All guests are advised to stay within the limits of their certification and the MOD of the Nitrox mix as that is provided. The following levels of certification allow the following diving depts: 18 m: Open Water Diver; 30 m: Advanced Open Water Diver including Deep Adventure dive: 40 m: Minimum Advanced Open Water Diver plus Deep speciality. Please note that exceeding an advised maximum diving dept or the maximum depth of you insurance coverage can invalidate you diving insurance and is the sole responsibility of the diver concerned to hold a valid insurance and keep withing the limits of the insurance.


For those who are certified to dive Nitrox, Nitrox can be provided at a surcharge. If you are not certified for Nitrox, the guIdes on board can provide a course. Before each dive each Nitrox diver is responsible for analysing the gas in the tank and filling out the Nitrox log.

Nitrox filling contain a % of 28-33 of oxygen. Mixtures cannot be custom made as we fill tanks is bulk and use a membrane filling technique.


Weights, a 12L tank and air are provided free of charge. We would like to invite you to bring your own dive equipment, please assure it is in full working order before your trip. At request we can provide rental gear, please inform us before the trip of any needs.

The following equipment you need to bring if you prefer not to use any rental equipment:

  • Mask, snorkel and fins
  • Suit, hood and boots, the latter depending on your fins.
  • BCD/WING and regulator including means to read the tank pressure
  • Dive computer (Mandatory per diver)

Note that diving with a dive knife, reef hooks or gloves is not allowed according to the Red Sea Guidelines, this to prevent any damage to reefs or marine life.


If any equipment is needed, please inform us minimum a week prior to your trip, so that we can arrange to have all that is requested on boar on time. We do have some spare equipment, however we do not keep all equipment on board at all times. The following equipment is needed per diver and can be rented: masks & snorkel, suit, fins, BCD or wing, Regulator, Torch, Dive computer and DSMB.

Prices for the rentals can differ per Liveaboard.